Today’s weather in Sydney has prompted many a client contacting me about where to buy a stylish raincoat. So instead of writing back to every individual I decided to write a quick blog that will help inspire you. I have included 4 of my top stylish raincoats that will keep you warm, dry and looking fab through this dreary rainy weather.


Boden Anna Mac Raincoat


Boden is a UK brand and goodness knows the UK do rain coats well!

This gorgeous raincoat is available in a this graphic print shown in the picture, plain black or red.


Boden Anna Mac Rain Coat $230



Didrikson Jacket


Didrikson is a quality rain coat that will keep you dry in the most torrential rain and thunderstorm. If you’re looking for durability and long lasting wear then this is the rain coat for you!


Didrikson Womans Snow White Jacket $199



ASOS Rain Mac


ASOS offers a more budget friendly raincoat in a simple style that you can dress up or down.


ASOS Rain Mac $98


Uniqlo Blocktech Coat


Uniqlo offer this stylish raincoat in black, navy, grey and dark green (shown in the picture). This streamline coat is a great option for those of us that like a classic simple style.


Uniqlo Blocktech Coat $129.90


I would love to hear which is your favourite! Feel free to message me at .




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