Colour Consultation



Mini Colour Consultation

You may have already noticed particular colours that make you look/ feel good and you may have even had compliments on what you are wearing, more than likely this comes from the colours you were wearing not just the style.


Everyone belongs to a different season of colours and within the colour consultation you will learn what colours suit you with swatches and draped fabric used as examples.


The colours that suit you are defined by your particular hair/skin and eye colours.


You will learn :

  • Your neutral colours- These are the colours to invest in as they are trend proof and are easy to mix and match within your wardrobe.
  • Your seasonal colours- These colours will enhance you by making you look healthy and soften any imperfections such as dark circles around your eyes.
  • How to wear colours that you love that are not part of your seasonal colours. You are not limited to the pallet of colours you are given. Lets face it, it will be near impossible to find the exact colours when out shopping. They are just a visual reminder of what colours suit you best. If you love a colour and the feel of it then don’t give up on it. It’s really how you combine the colours and where you place it on your body. 

The mini Colour Consultation can be added on to your Wardrobe Make-over for a small fee.