I had the best time and am excited about my wardrobe again. Since having my son, I struggled finding something to wear each day and not feel like a dag. Thanks to Shannon, I’ve thrown out items that don’t fit or suit me and now have lots of fantastic outfit choices and am feeling much more confident in my clothing xx Thanks so much Shannon!!

Natalie Fitzpatrick

Personal Shopping Trip

Shannon first helped me with a wardrobe detox and shopping trip having gone back to work after having 2 boys. The shopping trip was so much fun and from that gave me the confidence to better know what I should look for when shopping. After that I’ve signed up to the monthly outfit options. This has finally made shopping fun again as all the hard work is taken away and I get a few new pieces each month to update my wardrobe from the ease of my lounge room and now I don’t have to worry about wrangling 2 toddlers at the shopping centre!

Amy Bowd

Personal Shopping trip for mums


Shannon – you rock!! Thank you for today, it was tons of fun. Ruby (finally asleep) agrees too, and loved your cuddles while I tried things on. Above and beyond. x Kate

Kate Raynor Morgan

I finally spoiled myself and bought a wardrobe detox and shopping trip.
I’m so happy and grateful to Shannon for her help.
I managed to reduce my wardrobe by more than 60 pieces. And on the shopping trip I bought some great new items that I would never have considered previously if it weren’t for Shannon’s suggestion.
I was pleased to discover that prior to meeting Shannon at the shops, she’d already done a loop and set things aside in certain shops. Which saved loads of time. How wonderful.
Since my shopping trip I’ve picked up some more great items.
As Shannon has pointed out the parts of my figure I should enhance, It’s allowed me to shop a lot more time efficiently.
This experience has been a great confidence boost and I feel I now have a wardrobe much more suited to my age and leisure activities.
I highly recommend Shannon if you feel your wardrobe is cluttered, you have ‘nothing’ to wear or don’t feel stylish.


Nicole Morris


I had SUCH a fun shopping session with Shannon at Chatswood Chase! Before I arrived, she had already done a pre-shop… so lots of items were already waiting for me in the change room (we’d had a big chat on the phone to work out what gaps I had in the wardrobe!). Over 1.5 hours, we visited Country Road, Trenery and Seed and I bought sooooo many lovely new outfits for summer. I bought lots of basics (which are essential for helping me to use my current wardrobe) but also a some new outfits. Shannon gave lots of great advice about what suited me (and what didn’t) – and I know that everything I bought I will get lots of use out. Everyday i wake up excited about my new wardrobe and deciding what to wear. Thanks Shannon!

 Watch the video here

Rachel Chappell (from North Shore Mums)


Having just completed a wardrobe detox and shopping trip with Shannon, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Even before she arrived at my house, Shannon had a great sense of what I was trying to achieve and a thorough understanding of my lifestyle and job, due to a phone chat and a comprehensive questionnaire.

The wardrobe detox was an eye opener, realising how many of my clothes I didn’t actually wear because I wasn’t sure how to match them, or they were impulse buys that never matched my style, or just didn’t fit or look any good on me. Shannon was very thorough and went through every item, making a list of pieces that were needed to bring it all together, and getting rid of clothes that didn’t suit me.

The shopping trip was incredible. Shannon knew exactly where to go, what items to try on, and knew immediately what worked for me. Such an incredibly efficient and productive way to shop! She does not impose a ‘set style’ on you, she really listens, and has a great appreciation of what will work for your lifestyle and the look you are trying to achieve.

Thanks Shannon for such a great experience.

Amanda Naylor

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